5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

By 20 October 2015
5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

5 Exercises to Slim Your Legs

Thinning down your legs isn’t hard to do, but there are only right and wrong approaches towards seeing results. The best exercises will get you to your goals sooner, ensuring you can effectively slim down your legs with a targeted workout. While spot reduction is not possible, muscular definition and weight loss composition will play a vital role in one’s success.

Here are five of the best exercises to help you slim your legs!

1. Squats

Squats are the most effective weight loss and muscle growth exercise of all. They use the largest muscle in the body, and ultimately produce the greatest level of growth hormone. Physical activation of the quads and hams will put the body into a more anabolic state. This means greater muscle growth. They are also a great core and bodyweight exercise, that makes burning calories from home a breeze.

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