Crock Pot Sausage Cheese Dip

By 17 October 2015


This easy crock pot sausage cheese dip couldn’t be easier to throw together and is always a crowd favorite. We’ve made this queso dip for years!

This dip has so many memories attached to it for our family. I am pretty sure I made it for just about every pitch-in (that is what us Hoosier’s call a party where you bring food) we had in our twenties. It was so easy to throw together and the crock pot always came back empty– a true test of any recipe!

Velveeta, sausage and salsa make up this uber-easy party favorite. The cheese should get nice and melty after a few stirs over 2-3 hours. Once the dish is nice and melted, switch the slow cooker to warm for a bit but still keep an eye on it as a lot of slow cookers will still keep the crock too hot and the cheese will begin to burn on the edges. When at parties or pitch-ins, I usually get it nice and hot and then shut it off for a while and then come back and turn it to warm for a while (stirring occasionally) and shut it off again.

Time Saving Tip
If you don’t have time to heat it up in the crock before the party starts, you can always melt the cheese with the salsa in the microwave a few minutes and a time, stirring until smooth and then add the sausage at the end. Stir and pop in the crock to keep warm and no one will ever know the difference.

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